Steeped in history and rich in tradition, the United Kingdom offers quaint country towns to pulsating cities. Also, known as Great Britain, this sovereign state is made up of four nations – England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. As a leading wealthy European nation, the UK is a founding member of NATO and the Commonwealth and is also one of the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council.

With its strong economy and high standard of living, the UK is seen as the land of opportunity to many, and therefore attracts thousands of migration applications each year. The UK has one of the most efficient Immigration programs globally with fast processing times. From Entrepreneurs to Investors, work visas to permits and student visas to spouse visas, we are able to assist you in yours and your families dream of living and working in the UK.


With one of the World’s largest economies, and the perfect destination for businessmen and enterpreneurs, the UK is the perfect destination in which to invest.

  • You may apply for UK Citizenship after 5 years of staying in the UK.
  • Low investment criteria.
  • The right to live in the UK, an economically stable country
  • Applicants under this visa will be able to obtain residency in just 6 to 9 months
  • There is a limited documents submission
  • Access to 174 countries visa free
  • Access to UK Education and Health

The various visa types are as follows:

Tier 1: Entrepreneur Visa Specifically for individuals looking to open a business in the UK
Tier 1: Investor Visa High net worth individuals looking to invest in the UK
Tier 2: Skilled worker visa Specifically for skilled workers who have been offered a job in the UK
Tier 3: Unskilled worker The government has not of yet allocated any of these visas
Tier 4: Student Visa For students who have a registered at a UK education establishment
Tier 5: Mixed This category contains six sub-tiers of temporary worker including creative and sporting, charity, religious workers, and the youth mobility scheme which enables about 55,000 young people every year to work in the UK on working holidays.

The five tier system covers most work, study, and investment visas. But visitor visas, family visas, and some UK business visas fall outside of the five tiers.

  • UK Visitor Visas: Enter the UK as a visitor or for business
  • UK Family Visas: Family visa visa
  • UK Business Visas: Long term business in the UK

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Located in Europe, the United Kingdom is a group of islands located off the western coast of Europe.






242,495 sq. km.


0-14: 23.36%, 15-24: 17%,
25-24: 42.31%, 55-64: 9.53%,
65+: 7.8%


English (official), Punjabi, Urdu, Hindu, Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati, Polish, Spanish,


Christian, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism


The UK has a parliamentary government based on the Westminster system, whereby the Prime Minister leads the government with the support of the Cabinet and ministers.


Pound Sterling (£)


1 USD = GBP 0.75 (October 2017)


Finance and banking, information technology, construction, oil and gas, Government, healthcare, manufacturing, wholesale and retail.


England – London Heathrow (LHR)
Ireland – Belfast International Airport (BFS)
Scotland – Glasgow Airport (GLA)
Wales – Cardiff Airport (CLW)


With its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, The UK experiences mild summers and cool winters.





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