Quick and simple 2nd passport application from experienced experts

Flexibility and adaptability are two key characteristics when it comes to leveraging international resources. If you frequently engage in international business trips, then the importance of time and ease of entry to any country is particularly important to you. Make sure you maximise every second of every business trip with a 2nd passport in your suitcase – get one today from one of the most trusted immigration consultancies in Dubai: Times Immigration.

Get a second passport for Cyprus, UK, Dominica, Bulgaria, Hungary, Antigua & Barbuda or St. Kitts & Nevis

Times Immigration is a consultancy that prides itself in providing top-notch immigration solutions to clients all over Dubai and the UAE. We have a team of immigration specialists and lawyers who can provide you with expert insight based on invaluable real-world experience. With our expertise, we can help you acquire a second passport in countries such as Cyprus, Dominica, Bulgaria and the UK.

The application process can be a lengthy ordeal, especially when it comes to 2nd passport application. Often you will be required to submit application forms, fulfil requirements, and provide pertinent documents based on the specific regulations implemented by the chosen country.

Without proper knowledge of these regulatory measures, applicants run the risk of spending more time and monetary resources than is needed to get things done. Instead of doing it yourself, our lawyers can help you prepare and fulfil everything you need to quickly acquire your second passport in the following countries:

  • Cyprus
  • Dominica
  • Bulgaria
  • UK
  • Hungary
  • Antigua & Barbuda
  • St. Kitts & Nevis

Benefits of acquiring a secondary passport

Acquiring a second passport has various benefits. For example, a holder can make use of international financial services that would have been otherwise unavailable. Investment opportunities can be accessed; corporate banking instruments can be leveraged in different countries around the world.

Additionally, it opens gateways to other countries for leisure travels, leading to more Visa-free trips abroad. So if you want to explore the recluse diving spot that is Cyprus, the tropical beauty of Dominica, the majestic architecture and culture of Bulgaria, or the iconic beauty of the UK, this is the perfect avenue for you.