C Citizenship

Citizenship by Investment is the process whereby individuals obtain a second passport by investing in a host countries economy. These host countries grant its citizens the right to vote, work and own property. These popular programs grant citizenship faster than the traditional immigration route, opening a world of opportunities for families including safety for you future generations, global mobility, tax free benefits and worldwide business opportunities.

R Residency

Residency Programs offer temporary, conditional or permanent residency to individuals and their families who invest in the economy of that country. This residency status allows the holder of the residency card to legally reside in the host country without being a citizen. These popular programs open a world of opportunities for families including educational opportunities for your children, tax benefits and worldwide business opportunities.

Benefits of Dual Citizenship


Travel to a foreign country opens a new doors for exploration. Whether you are travelling for a vacation, or looking to explore career opportunities overseas, journeying to a foreign land expands your horizons and allows you to see things from a new perspective. However arrangements, for travelling overseas can be challenging. Navigating the lybrinth of bureaucratic migration processes to gain approval from the proper authorities can prove to be costly, time-consuming, stressful ordeal.

Avoid the stress of dealing with the red-tape and paperwork with help from the best immigration consultants in Dubai - Times Group of Companies. Times is one of the leading immigration companies in Dubai today, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help clients navigate the sea of bureaucratic processes and expedite the processing of travel applications.

News Article

St Kitts and Nevis announces new citizenship scheme $150,000 – The Hurricane relief fund

Following the devastation of Hurricane Irma and Maria in the Caribbean region in September this year, the Government of St Kitts & Nevis has introduced various changes to the St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship

Dominica significantly reduces Citizenship fees for real estate investors

Dominica runs one of the world’s most reputable Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programs, which offers HNWI the ability to access the world through a trusted and affordable route and obtain

Malta Residency Programme

Lying in the heart of the Mediterranean between Europe & Africa, Malta is the ideal location for those seeking residency in a safe and stable environment. This culturally rich island offers a range of benefits to individuals seeking to acquire residence on the island.

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